Top three primary fighter fleets of the modern Chinese Air Force

In the current payroll of the Chinese Air Force, the following three types of fighters are considered the mainstays, with the most respectable numbers and combat capabilities. J-20 First to mention the J-20 fighter. This is the only stealth fighter in the service of the Chinese Air Force at the moment. J-20 fighter is self-researched and manufactured … Read more

Why does the Chinese Air Force consider J-16 as the backbone of its fighter fleet?

According to recent media reports, the PLAAF J-16 fighter has been seen flying in a formation near the Eastern Theater Command. The J-16 is in service with the PLAAF since 2015. China operates approximately 175+ J-16 long-range strike fighters. As we all know, due to one of the most critical combat indicators of the current … Read more

China’s PLAAF: On Multiple Tracks To Become A Modern Force

If one were to list the three factors responsible for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) emerging at the end of the last century as a modern military organization, the answers would come in descending order in terms of their impact: “Russia, Russia, and Russia.” The PLAAF’s first purchase of 24 Sukhoi Su-27SK/UBK … Read more

China’s J-16D electronic warfare fighter approach Taiwan for the first time

The Taiwan Self-Defense Force discovered that the Chinese army’s J-16D electronic warfare fighter (PLA) had approached the island for the first time. This new fighter aircraft type PLAF was launched 5 months ago. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry on January 25 confirmed that among 13 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ), marking the … Read more

China with a new collection of weapons copied from both the US and Russia

The Zhuhai Airshow usually takes place every two years, since 1996. This year, Beijing holds this exhibition from September 28 to October 3, where many people gather. China’s most modern weapons. China flaunted its military might in the air at the China International Aviation and Space Expo with a variety of aircraft, including many drones … Read more

Check out each type of Chinese military aircraft that has just approached Taiwan

Recently, China has brought a record number of aircraft close to the island of Taiwan, including the appearance of many modern fighters that Beijing has in hand. According to the information posted by Taiwan’s Defense Agency on October 1, the Chinese side used a record number of aircraft to approach the island overnight. Taiwan says … Read more

Why did China change its attitude and turn away from the Russian Su-35 fighter?

As one of the most advanced aircraft models in the world, the Russian Su-35 is still struggling to find customers in the export market, especially when even China is no longer interested in this fighter. Since entering service at the beginning of 2014, Russia has actively marketed the Su-35 fighter for export, of which China and … Read more

Indian air force will show Japan how to “catch cards” of Chinese fighters

The Japanese air force is eager to exercise against India’s Su-30MKI, to let Japanese pilots know the capabilities of the Russian-origin Su-30 fighter, which is currently the main fighter in the Chinese Air Force. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force, which is actively preparing for joint training activities with the Indian Air Force in the coming … Read more