US wants to set up quick response unit on Japanese outpost island. -Japanese media

Japanese media reported that the US plans to set up a rapid reaction regiment to redeploy marine forces on the island of Okinawa. The Yomiuri newspaper quoted an unnamed source in the Japanese government today as saying that the US military is developing a plan to redeploy marine units stationed on Okinawa island by 2025, including … Read more

After the SM-6 missiles deal, japan now wants to buy Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missiles from the United States

Japanese Government is considering the purchase of US-made Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missile in an effort to boost its military power and strengthen its defense capabilities. The Tomahawk is a long-range land-attack cruise missiles capable of striking targets deep inside the enemy territory, it has the range of 2500km. Japanese media reported that, the Japanese Government … Read more

United States to sell additional SM-6 anti-ballistic missiles to help Japan deal with the emerging threat of chinese hypersonic missiles

The US State Department has approved the sale to Japan of 32 SM-6 missiles and other associated equipments. The SM-6 is known as the only american missile capable of intercepting and destroying incoming hypersonic warheads. The approximate cost of this potential deal is $450 million USD. This deal will enhance the air defence and ballistic … Read more

Japan has both money and industry, why it’s struggling to build a fifth-generation fighter?

Japan is a potential aviation power, and military aircraft manufacturing technology used to be far ahead of any Asian countries. Although the reputation of Japan Airlines is not obvious today, if you pull the lens of the era to 20 years ago and look at the military aircraft produced in Japan, you will have an … Read more

Japan is preparing to build 20,000 tons warships

On the morning of September 1, the Japan Jiji News Agency suddenly reported news that the Japanese Ministry of Defense is preparing to build two new large warships. Its main features are: the standard displacement is about 20,000 tons, equipped with SPY-7 large radar originally used for land-based missile defense systems, equipped with American-made Standard-3 … Read more

After 75 years, Japan regained possession of aircraft carriers

China was outraged by Japan’s decision to convert the JS Izumo and her “twin,” the JS Kaga, into aircraft carriers, claiming Tokyo had military ambitions similar to those of World War II. 75 years after its defeat in World War II, Japan is now officially back in possession of aircraft carriers when the renovation work … Read more

Why does japan refuse to supply weapons to Ukraine?

In this Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia struggled to quickly take Ukraine as expected, the Ukrainian army fighting very effectively against Russia, and Russia, the world’s second largest military power, appears to be mired in the quagmire of war. AD According to US defense officials, the United States and other NATO allies have shipped more than 17,000 … Read more

Taigei-class submarine: Japan induct most advanced conventional submarine

The Taigei-class is a conventionally powered diesel-electric class, but unlike other similarly powered submarines, the Taigeis can stay submerged for much more extended periods of time. On March 9, local time, the new submarine “Taihei” of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force was officially commissioned. The submarine has a displacement of 3,000 tons, setting the record for the largest … Read more

Japanese and British teamed up to develop “world-leading” fighter sensors

Recently, the United Kingdom announced news that the United Kingdom will deepen defense cooperation with Japan, promote the relationship between the two sides, and jointly acquire truly advanced technology to ensure that the two militaries remain at the forefront of military innovation.  According to the British Ministry of Defence, the UK and Japan will collaborate … Read more

Japan planning to arm its submarines with 1000 km range of missile

Japan is planning to upgrade and extend the capability of its cruise missiles to its submarine force to hit objects over 1,000 kilometers away. A report in Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper cites several unnamed government officials who confirm that Tokyo is looking at the possibility of equipping current and/or future JMSDF submarines with long-range cruise missiles. According to source … Read more