How powerful is the “Javelin” anti-tank weapon that destroyed thousands of Russian equipment?

Javelin is a medium-range anti-tank guided missile developed by a joint venture between Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. The missile is currently in service with U.S. forces and has been battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan. Considered the best shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon in the world, the Javelin uses a long-wave infrared seeker to guide the missile … Read more

US Javelin and British NLAW giving tough time to Russia in the ongoing war, destroying tanks and vehicles with very high accuracy

The Russian Ministry of Defense released numerous battle reports at the start of the conflict in Ukraine, claiming to have destroyed the Ukrainian navy and air force, among other things. It is challenging to determine whether these war accounts are accurate or not. But as the war quickly moved against Russia, the government promptly implemented … Read more

NLAW or Javelin: Which missile gives Russian tanks more nightmares?

Javelin and NLAW anti-tank missiles donated by the US and UK to Ukraine are both giving Russian tanks terrible nightmares, but which missile is better against Rusian tanks? On the Ukrainian battlefield, the prestige of Russian tanks are seriously damaged by two types of anti-tank missiles provided by the West to Ukraine, namely Javelin from … Read more

Ukraine using missiles too fast, the West can’t replace them in time

The British media point out that Ukraine’s missile consumption rate is faster than Western production capacity and the longer the war lasts, the better for Russia. According to the British newspaper “The Guardian” on March 23, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a month, the first stage of the fighting took … Read more

Five weapons that give Ukraine confidence to wage guerrilla warfare against Russia

Ukraine is not strong enough to confront Russia and guerrilla warfare will be an effective tactic to harm Russia if war breaks out. The United States and several NATO allies are providing military aid to Ukraine, including a variety of weapons that they hope will stave off a possible Russian invasion. The US announced it would … Read more