India and France will make new jet engine for 5th generation fighter

The production and the manufacturing of AMCA are expected to be under the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and the private sector. For the joint development of a 125kn engine for India’s indigenous fifth generation advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA), Defence Research and Development Organisation is expected to collaborate with French engine maker Safran. According to … Read more

Not only Russia and Ukraine, even Belarus also help China to build to Jet engine

China has started equipping Chengdu J-10 jets with indigenous WS-10 engines. The move reflects China’s confidence in its locally developed technology. China has long relied on Russian imports to power its jet aircraft. But Now Thaks to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus after 40 years of struggle China finally able to make an good jet engine, … Read more

Why the fuel consumption of turbojet engine is higher than a turbofan engine?

A turbojet engine is a kind of turbo engine. It is characterized by completely relying on gas flow to generate thrust. Usually used as the power for high-speed aircraft. Fuel consumption is higher than that of turbofan engines. There are two types of turbojet engines: centrifugal and axial. The centrifugal engine was patented by Sir Frank Whittle in 1930, … Read more