Korean K2 tank and German Leopard 2A7 are about to have a ‘fiery confrontation’

Between the South Korean K2 tank and the German Leopard 2A7 tank, Norway is considering replacing the old Leopard 2A4 tankNorway has prepared approx. $1.9 billion for a new battle tank for the Norwegian Army. The Norwegian Ministry of Defense has planned to allocate $ 1.9 billion to replace the existing Leopard 2 tanks in service … Read more

K2 Black Panther: World’s ‘Most Expensive’ Main Battle Tank

The K2 Black Panther tank, which weighs 55 to 61 tons, strengthens the South Korean tank force that currently relies on the K1 and K1A1 tanks and the Russian-made T-80 in dealing with the advance of the North Korean army’s tank armor. Due to the presence of its neighbors to the north, South Korea must … Read more

Not only FA-50 fighter jets, but Poland also bought K2 Tanks, and K9 Howitzers from South Korea

Earlier it was reported that  Poland buy 58 FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea, but the latest report said that Poland also buy K2 and K9 howitzers from South Korea which is the biggest defence deal ever for both countries. According to recent reports published by the Drive, in its biggest arms export deal ever, … Read more