After 20 years of development South Korea’s KF-21 fighter successfully flew for the first time

It took 20 years for South Korea to finally fulfill its dream of developing its own advanced fighter jet. On the afternoon of the 19th of this month, the prototype of the KF-21 fighter developed by the ROK successfully flew for the first time. This fighter looks like the F-22, but it is not a … Read more

First flight this month, mass Production in 2026: KF-21 getting ready to Strengthen ROK

4 Years More KF-21 Boramae Expected to Enter Mass Production to Strengthen Indonesian and South Korean militaries. In 2028 ROK will receive the first batch of 40 KF-21s. The news about the KF-21 Boramae is certainly hot news, especially for the Indonesian and South Korean public . Indonesia is known to have taken part in … Read more

Why do 5th generations fighter of Korea, Turkey, China and India look like the F22?

In the era of third- and forth-generation aircraft, the aerodynamic layouts of fighters in various countries are very different, such as the light MiG-21, the MiG-23 with variable swept wings, the F-104 with short and thin wings t(hat can cut even vegetables), The F-4 that ditched the cannon, the slender Su-27, the handsome F-14, and … Read more