Entire fleet of MiG-29, MiG-21, and Jaguar aircraft will be retired by the Indian Air Force in 2027, 2025, and 2034, respectively

The Indian Air Force is set to completely retire the active squadrons of some of its most important but now “aged and outdated” fighters. The list includes the remaining fleet of the MiG-21 “Bison” Interceptor Supersonic Jet Fighter, next name in the list is of the MiG-29UPG, India has acquired 3 squadrons of the upgraded … Read more

The United States Navy lacks Air Superiority Fighters, the Chinese Navy is in a better position in terms of Air Superiority!

Recently, there have been a lot of news and discussions about China’s new aircraft carrier. In addition to the launch of the New Type 003 aircraft carrier, China has also recently equipped the J-35 Stealth Carrier-Based Air Superiority Fighter with new features such as new engines and new technologies. The J-35 can be seen as … Read more

Ukrainian Army is facing a big problem due to the quality of German weapons!

The weapons Germany supplied to Ukraine are being criticized by Kyiv as they are not fully meeting Kyiv’s expectations, mainly related to quality! Ukraine’s military is currently facing a big problem because the weapons supplied by Germany are of low quality. The above comment was made by the American Magazine Military Watch. In the field … Read more

Ukraine “is upset” with the Norwegian-supplied 35mm anti-aircraft rounds, as they are not compatible with the German Gepard anti-aircraft guns!

The Ukrainian army is having a big problem with the Gepard anti-aircraft guns that Germany has handed over as the guns are not able to fire the Norwegian-made 35mm ammunition! Countless troubles surrounds the German-supplied Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery guns supplied by Germany to the Ukrainian Army. Specifically, first after delaying the handover of these … Read more

Russian Navy receives the world’s largest submarine armed with the Poseidon Nuclear torpedo

According to information given by the United States Naval Institute, A Russian Navy submarine armed with a strategic nuclear torpedo the size of a school bus was delivered to the Kremlin this week, according to an announcement from the shipyard. The Project 09852 Belgorod is based on a Russian Oscar-class guided-cruise missile submarine that has … Read more