Germany to deliver Ukraine with more PzH 2000 155mm howitzers and MARS II rocket launchers

The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced a new batch of military aid to Ukraine, on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Germany will soon provide two more units of MARS 2 rocket artillery systems and four units of Pzh2000 tracked self-propelled artillery systems. Few days ago, germany has delivered Ukraine with a fresh new batch of IRIS-T … Read more

India buys 2,580 crore of home made rockets, can remotely suppress opponents

India’s military has launched another major operation to buy six regiments of long-range rockets at a high price. On Tuesday, India approved a military procurement deal to buy six regiments of Pinaka rockets and a full system of rocket launchers for $2.4 billion, Indian media reported on Tuesday. India points out that the arms sale … Read more