Is it worth for Russia to exchange Su-35 for Iranian drones?

Two months ago, according to a recent report by the Reference News Network, claiming that Russia would purchase a large number of military drones from Iran and hire Iranian technicians to train the Russian military in exchange, Russia is likely to supply Iran with Su-35 fighter jets. Although both Iran and Russia denied the matter … Read more

Huge 4,000 attack drones, 20,000 stock missiles of Iran

While other rich countries in the Gulf are pursuing the simple military route of “selling oil and buying weapons”, Iran which had to face heavy casualties during the war, made its own weapons Iran, which had a strategic vision and suffered from weapons and ammunition constraints during the Iran-Iraq War, has quietly been built. With … Read more

What turns the Israeli Air Force into the “Sky Lord” of the Middle East?

From a small country that is always “bullied” by surrounding countries, Israel has risen to become a powerful military force in the region. Since the 1960s, the air force of the Israel Defense Forces (commonly known as the IAF) has played a central role in the defense of the country. The Israeli Air Force’s ability to secure … Read more