Indian Air Force To Retire Abhinandan Varthaman’s MiG-21 Squadron By Sept End

The No. 51 Squadron is to be retired by the end of September, “as per the plan”, defence sources said. According to recent reports published by ndtv, The Indian Air Force is set to retire its Srinagar-based MiG-21 squadron ‘Sword Arms’ that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was a part of when he had downed an … Read more

Indian Air force MiG-21 crash: Both pilots lost their lives

A MiG-21 fighter aircraft of the Air Force crashed in Rajasthan’s Barmer district two pilot lost their life. The reason for the crash is not yet known. Two pilots have been killed when a MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed in Rajasthan’s Barmer district on Thursday evening. The debris of the aircraft was found scattered on a … Read more

“MiG-21 Shoots Down USAF F-15” Did Indian MiG-21 Really Overpower US F-15 In 2004 War Drills?

The first bilateral dissimilar air combat exercise between the US Air Force (USAF) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) took place in the 2004 edition of ‘COPE India’ Field Training Exercise (FTE) at one of the oldest IAF bases, about 241 km south of Delhi in Gwalior where the IAF has its Tactics Air Combat … Read more

Pakistan wants to replace J-7 with JF-17 but there is a problem

Although many netizens call the Sino-Pakistani JF-17 “Fierce Dragon” a second-generation and a half fighter, the reason is that the “Fierce Dragon” is improved on the basis of the J-7, but the “Fierce Dragon” is generally returned to the world. It is classified as a third-generation aircraft, and some experts even call its latest batch … Read more