Comparison between Tejas, JF-17, F-16 and F-16 fighter aircraft for Argentina Air force

On September 15 The Argentine Air Force delegation submitted an assessment report on the Tejas MK1A and three other alternative fighters. Interestingly, in this evaluation report, there are also F-16s from the United States, Russian MiG-35s, and Chinese JF-17 competing for orders from the Argentine Air Force. For now, the JF-17 Block 3 will be … Read more

Mig 35 big win in India with 5 billion USD contract?

India is likely to be the first foreign customer of the multi-purpose fighter Mig 35 as well as the Russian-made Il-112V light transport aircraft. In the framework of the International Air Show India – Aero India 2021, the Russian aircraft manufacturers and representatives of the Indian military-industrial complex reached an agreement on the signing of … Read more