What types of advanced weapon systems is being used by the PLA in military exercises around Taiwan?

On 4th of August, the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command launched large-scale live-fire exercises in six air and sea areas surrounding Taiwan. So which type of weapon systems are being used in this live fire exercise? “Dongfeng” series of ballistic missiles According to recent reports released by the Chinese Army Eastern Theater Command, troops … Read more

Ex Cold Response 2022: 30,000 soldiers, 200 aircraft and 50 warships are assembled in Norway

The long-planned “Cold Response-2022” large-scale joint practical exercise by NATO kicked off as scheduled. On the 14th local time, the “Cold Response-2022” joint military exercise involving 30,000 soldiers officially kicked off in Norway and nearby waters.  Cold Response 2022, planned long before Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, aims to test how Norway would manage Allied reinforcements … Read more