North Korea speeds up the development of ICBMs and nuclear weapons to use against the U.S.

To oppose the United States and its allies, Kim Jong-un has ordered the construction of new intercontinental ballistic missiles and expedited the production of tactical nuclear weapons. According to today’s report from North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim Jong-un has directed the “exponential” speed of production for the mass manufacture of tactical … Read more

US MIM-23 HAWK missile: outdated and useless weapon in modern warfare

According to Russian military experts, the US MIM-23 HAWK air defense missile complexes supplied to Ukraine have been manufactured since the 1960s and are now really outdated. Recently, after the massive and continuous aerial drone and cruise missiles strikes on Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces, NATO nations have decided to supply Ukrainian Army with … Read more

The United States will get the replacement missile for the ATACMS in next two years

The ATACMS or the MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM) manufactured by the U.S. defense company Lockheed Martin. It has a range of up to 190 miles (300 km), with solid propellant, and is 13 feet (4.0 m) high and 24 inches (610 mm) in diameter. The ATACMS can be fired … Read more

Meet the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System: one of the deadliest weapon of NATO

The M270 MLRS is currently one of NATO’s most destructive non-nuclear weapon. Compared to the M142 HIMARS, the M270 has a much stronger combat capability. NATO’s most powerful M270 MBRL is capable of accurately striking targets deep inside the enemy territory with a normal range of 80 kilometers and up to the range of 300-500 … Read more

Ukraine Pushes US For HIMARS-Compatible Long-Range MLRS; Russia Warns Of Consequences

After acquiring HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), Ukraine has been pressing the United States to provide long-range Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to battle Russia. However, the Biden Administration is unlikely to provide the Ukrainian military with ‘deadly’ ATACMS anytime soon that Kyiv has been requesting for months, as per a recent report by … Read more

Russian S-350 air defense system will ‘extinguish’ Ukraine HIMARS and ATACMS missiles?

HIMARS and ATACMS missiles are considered very unpleasant targets for the Russian S-350 Vityaz air defense system. Russia’s S-350 Air Defense System is likely to soon confront HIMARS and ATACMS Missiles on the Ukrainian Battlefield, the above mentioned scenario seems very interesting. According to reports, Russia started developing the S-350 defense system to replace the … Read more

The reason why Russian missiles are failed to hit their target

In this Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russia launched a large number of missiles, and about 60% of the missiles did not hit the target or did not explode.  Russia has been trying to make up for its setbacks on the ground in Ukraine with missiles and bombs, and the Russians have launched at least 1,200 missiles “of all … Read more

India successfully tests fired Pinaka Mk-II ER multiple rocket launcher

India’s DRDO successfully carried out tests for Pinaka Extended Range System (Pinaka Mk-II ER), Area Denial Munitions & New Indigenous Fuzes. Successful tests of Pinaka Extended Range (Pinaka-ER), Area Denial Munitions (ADM) and indigenously developed fuzes have been carried out at various test ranges. The Pinaka-ER Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System was successfully tested at … Read more

Huge 4,000 attack drones, 20,000 stock missiles of Iran

While other rich countries in the Gulf are pursuing the simple military route of “selling oil and buying weapons”, Iran which had to face heavy casualties during the war, made its own weapons Iran, which had a strategic vision and suffered from weapons and ammunition constraints during the Iran-Iraq War, has quietly been built. With … Read more

Brahmos or Tomahawk anti ship missile, which one is the real threat to Chinese Navy?

Chinese media publisher Sohu recently published an article about anti ship missile of India and US. In this article the auther compared both missiles to find out which anti ship missile is a threat to PLA Navy. The BrahMos anti-ship missile is a supersonic anti-ship missile jointly developed by Russia and India, which can be … Read more