Global Aircraft Carriers: Carrier-Based Aircraft

Carrier-based aircraft refers to the aircraft that take off and land on the aircraft carrier. Its performance determines the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier. The more carrier-based aircraft are, the stronger their strength is. Modern carrier-based aircraft has a combat radius of more than 1,000 kilometers. They can also extend the range by refueling in … Read more

What is the performance of the original Type 052E destroyer? Will there be mass production in the future?

For us, an aircraft carrier is the strongest embodiment of a country’s national defense capabilities, but in actual naval equipment, destroyers are also a manifestation of a country’s national defense capabilities.  In recent years the rapid growth of Chinese ships has left a deep impression on people, among which 052D has become a well-known large … Read more

The Iranian navy sails into the Panama Canal, which seems to be a challenge to the US.

In an apparent warning to the United States, Tehran is reportedly planning to send an Iranian naval fleet to the Panama Canal to demonstrate the Islamic republic’s growing military might and maritime reach. “Iranian Navy units are approaching the shores of America,” Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, commander of the Iranian Navy, told a maritime civilization … Read more

After the SM-6 missiles deal, japan now wants to buy Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missiles from the United States

Japanese Government is considering the purchase of US-made Tomahawk Land-Attack Cruise Missile in an effort to boost its military power and strengthen its defense capabilities. The Tomahawk is a long-range land-attack cruise missiles capable of striking targets deep inside the enemy territory, it has the range of 2500km. Japanese media reported that, the Japanese Government … Read more

United States to sell additional SM-6 anti-ballistic missiles to help Japan deal with the emerging threat of chinese hypersonic missiles

The US State Department has approved the sale to Japan of 32 SM-6 missiles and other associated equipments. The SM-6 is known as the only american missile capable of intercepting and destroying incoming hypersonic warheads. The approximate cost of this potential deal is $450 million USD. This deal will enhance the air defence and ballistic … Read more

Japan is preparing to build 20,000 tons warships

On the morning of September 1, the Japan Jiji News Agency suddenly reported news that the Japanese Ministry of Defense is preparing to build two new large warships. Its main features are: the standard displacement is about 20,000 tons, equipped with SPY-7 large radar originally used for land-based missile defense systems, equipped with American-made Standard-3 … Read more

What is the reason behind the black smoke generated by warships?

At present, many people misunderstand the phenomenon of black smoke coming from warships, thinking that it is a manifestation of old and outdated technology. Actually, when a warship with full power is normally started, there is often a small amount of black smoke coming out. Other reasons due to which the black smokes generates are … Read more

The United States Navy lacks Air Superiority Fighters, the Chinese Navy is in a better position in terms of Air Superiority!

Recently, there have been a lot of news and discussions about China’s new aircraft carrier. In addition to the launch of the New Type 003 aircraft carrier, China has also recently equipped the J-35 Stealth Carrier-Based Air Superiority Fighter with new features such as new engines and new technologies. The J-35 can be seen as … Read more

Russian Navy receives the world’s largest submarine armed with the Poseidon Nuclear torpedo

According to information given by the United States Naval Institute, A Russian Navy submarine armed with a strategic nuclear torpedo the size of a school bus was delivered to the Kremlin this week, according to an announcement from the shipyard. The Project 09852 Belgorod is based on a Russian Oscar-class guided-cruise missile submarine that has … Read more

Why The Rise Of China’s Navy Is Truly Incredible

The rise of China’s navy (PLAN) has truly been remarkable by any benchmark anyone could reasonably set. Since the dawn of ironclad navies, the world has seen at least four major, massive naval expansions from negligible foundations. In the years before World War I, both the US Navy and the Imperial German Navy expanded from … Read more