Where did the Russian Navy Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo equipped submarine Belgorod disappeared?

The Russian Navy’s submarine Belgorod has recently “disappeared” from Western tracking systems. The worrying thing is that Belgorod carries a massive nuclear weapon, a weapon capable of destroying an entire continent. It is common for submarines of countries to go to sea, but this time it was “massively reported by the Western press”. Because of … Read more

Russia has started mobilizing nuclear weapons unit escort vehicles

A photo recently appeared on social media showing a Russian flatbed train carrying some very rare 4×4 BPM-97 “Vystrel-M” light armoured vehicles with 30mm cannon turrets. It has attracted attention because it is only equipped with the 12th General Directorate of the Russian military in the Russian military, which is responsible for the defense of … Read more

In 1991 Ukraine was more powerful than India & China and had the third-largest stockpile of nuclear

As we all know, nuclear weapons are an important strategic deterrent for a country. In order to maintain its threat to the United States, the Soviet Union produced a large number of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, some of its nuclear weapons and equipments were divided up … Read more

What Happens If Russia Uses Nuclear Or Chemical Weapons In Ukraine?

Speaking to CNN’s “At This Hour” on Friday, U.S. Department of State spokesman Ned Price said that Russia would face a “cascade of consequences” in the event that it uses weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. “I’ll say a couple things, both of which shouldn’t have to be said in the year 2022,” Price told CNN. “Number one, … Read more

France successfully test fired ASMPA nuke missile from Rafale fighter

As a member of the Western bloc, and a major military power in Europe, France always focuses on homemade weapons and work independently. The country is the only country in the Western military that has an air-based for nuclear force other than the United States. On March 23, France tested An improved ASMA-P airborne nuclear … Read more

Exclusive: how India became a nuclear state

India is among the world’s nine nuclear weapons states, alongside China, France, Israel, North Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the US, and one of the four country that can launch nuclear weapons from Submarine. So how does India obtains Nuclear weapons? At present, the only countries in the world generally recognized as possessing nuclear … Read more

Is Britain a nuclear power or just a shadow of America?

Since 1952, Britain has become the third country in the world with a strategic nuclear deterrent after the US and the Soviet Union. But the island nation’s nuclear capabilities are heavily dependent on the United States. After 1945, Britain attempted to reverse the huge decrease in power status caused by World War II. But in the … Read more

Which country has the most powerful nuclear strike capability?

As we all know, after the end of the Second World War, the development of global nuclear weapons has entered a climax. On the one hand, the two atomic bombs dropped by the United States in Japan show the world the power of nuclear weapons. During the Cold war, the United States and the Soviet … Read more