Despite their poor reliability and performance Orlan-10 is the best UAV in the Russian military, even the cost is too high

The Orlan-10 is the most widely used and effective drone on the Ukrainian battlefield by the Russian army, far exceeding the “Orion” that only shows symbolic existence. This small UAV is especially popular with the Russian artillery unit, used for reconnaissance and laser guided firing, Russian artillery destroyed a variety of NATO equipment, including M777 … Read more

Russian Orlan-10 drone shot down by Turkish electronic warfare complex

Turkey shot down an Orlan-10  reconnaissance drone with an electronic warfare system while trying to violate the border in mountainous terrain in the Kurtyun district of Gyumyushan The electronic warfare complex of the Turkish Armed Forces shot down an unmanned multi-purpose reconnaissance vehicle Orlan-10. According to the information resource “Clash Report”, a multi-purpose drone was discovered … Read more