Russian Navy put the first battleship equipped with the Pantsir-M complex into combat

The Pantsir-M complex will help the Russian Navy’s Karakurt-class small ships become outstandingly powerful in terms of defense. The Russian Navy is preparing to put into combat duty a small missile ship of Project 22800 named Odintsovo into combat at the end of this month, this is the first ship equipped with the extremely modern … Read more

Israel’s air strike in Syria destroyed the Russian Pantsir-S complex.

As a result of an Israeli missile strike on 13th May, the Russian Pantsir-S air defence complex was destroyed in Syria. On 13th May a large number of missiles were launched by Israeli fighter jets over Masyaf. It was the second alleged Israeli strike on the country in days, after missiles were reportedly launched at a site … Read more

How long does it take for Russian Pantsir-S1 system to take down Ukrainian TB2 UAV?

The Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone lasted only a few seconds in battle with the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile system. A confrontation between Russia’s Pantsir-S mobile air defense system and Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned combat aerial vehicle lasted only a few seconds. Despite the high combat ability and low radar exposure of the TB2 UAV, … Read more

Russian “Pantsir-S ” shot down over 40 Turkish drones

More than forty Turkish Bayraktar and Anka unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down by Russian Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems in Libya and Syria. This was stated by the head of the 1st department of the GUMVS (main department of international military cooperation) Alexander Novikov. “In general, Arab crews both in Syria and Libya, according … Read more