Is the Russian Poseidon nuclear torpedo really scary or just a ‘paper tiger’?

 Is the Poseidon nuclear super torpedo really an extremely powerful offensive weapon of Russia, or is it just another paper tiger from Russia? The Poseidon nuclear super torpedo is a new generation strategic weapon that is being developed by Russia and will be in service in the near future, some sources claim that the torpedo … Read more

Why is the UK particularly concerned about Russia’s ‘Doomsday Torpedo’?

Russia’s “Doomsday torpedo” named Poseidon is a weapon that makes Britain feel especially afraid. Recently Russian state television agency has openly threatened to wipe the United Kingdom off the map with nuclear weapons. A popular Russian state TV anchor has warned that Moscow could wipe Britain off the map with a nuclear tsunami in retaliation for … Read more

Two huge weapon systems give Russia a great advantage over the US-NATO

In the event of a conflict between Russia and the US-NATO, Moscow’s two massive weapons systems are forecast to give the country a great advantage. Russia is preparing to deploy two massive weapons systems, which could cause a lot of problems for the US military and its NATO allies, Chinese military experts say. In recent … Read more