Qatar spent $28.3 billion to buy these three fighters, per aircraft cost is as high as $300 million

On Monday, 15 August 2022, the first Typhoon aircraft was delivered to the Qatar Armed Forces at a roll-out ceremony hosted by Cliff Robson, BAE Systems Group, Managing Director Air. Typhoon will provide critical support for the FIFA World Cup which will be held in the State from 20 November. In the arms market, the … Read more

Middle East oil producer giants Air force power comparison

The Middle East is rich in oil. As we all know, this hot, desert and desert land should be a barren land, but because of the rich oil resources underground, some countries in the Middle East seem to have a cornucopia. For example, Saudi Arabia, a major oil producer in the Middle East, such as … Read more

Qatar Air Force: From a tiny boy to a Middle Eastern giant

From one of the weakest air force in the Middle East, but with the huge investment, the Qatar Air Force suddenly became a “giant” in the region with the most modern fighters in the world. The global fighter jet deals often see competition from the F-35 stealth aircraft to the Rafales, Eurofighter Typhoons, F-15EX and many others. Owning … Read more