France orders 42 F4 Standard Rafales for its airforce, what are the features of F4 Rafale?

The Ministry of Defense of France will soon order 42 units of Dassault Rafale Multirole Fighter of the F4 Standard varient. This new order will fill the capacity gap created by the sale of 24 second-hand Rafale aircrafts to Greece and Croatia. The F4 varient is said to be the latest upgraded version of the … Read more

How powerful is France new Rafale F4 fighter aircraft

France is developing an advanced version of its Rafale fighter aircraft the F4 version that would come with enhanced stealth, powerful electronic warfare systems, and new weapons. The new Rafale F-4 fighter is expected to bring connected solutions, increasing the effectiveness of the aircraft in network-centric warfare. According to the announcement of the French Ministry … Read more