20 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb, ASMP nuclear missile of Rafale

The Rafale is widely acknowledged as the most beautiful 4.5th generation fighter aircraft in existence today, but it is less generally known that it is one of the few fighters capable of carrying out nuclear attack missions. Pictured below is the French Air Force’s Dassault Rafale multi-role fighter, which, unusually, has a deadly nuclear weapon … Read more

Most Sophisticated Features Of The Rafale Fighter Jet, one of the best in the world

The prospect of exporting the Rafale fighter jet was initially difficult. However, over time, exports of Rafale jets are starting to sell. This can be seen from the interest of Qatar, India, and Greece who owns the Rafale. It’s also worth noting that the Rafale is one of the most expensive fighter jets in the … Read more

Dassault Rafale-M vs Boeing F-18 Super Hornet: which aircraft Indian Navy will buy?

Recently, Boeing released a video showing two F/A-18E “Super Hornet” fighter jets successfully completing a ski-jump take-off and landing test in India. In the context of the Indian-made “Vikrant” aircraft carrier that will be commissioned in August, the selection of supporting carrier-based aircraft has come to an end. According to Boeing, the F/A-18E “Super Hornet” … Read more

Three reasons Indian Navy may buy French Rafale M fighter aircraft

At present, India has one aircraft carrier in service, namely the Vikramaditya purchased from Russia, and one is Vikrant about be commission next month. Both Indian aircraft carriers are medium-sized carriers with a displacement of over 40,000 tons. In addition, India has planned a third aircraft carrier Vishal, which will be at least 65,000-ton nuclear-powered … Read more

French Rafale M or American F/A-18: Which aircraft will Indian Navy pick?

Trials for deck-based fighters US Boeing Company’s Super Hornet F/A-18and France Rafale M for the Indian aircraft carrier are complete and a report is awaited, both demonstrate their capability to take off from ski jump. Trials for deck based fighter aircraft for the aircraft carriers of the Indian Navy are done. US based Boeing Company’s Super Hornet … Read more

Most capable 4.5th gen omnirole fighter: Why so many countries buying French Rafale

The Rafale fighter is a French twin-engine, delta-wing, high-mobility, multi-purpose fourth-generation semi-fighter. The real advantage of the Rafale fighter lies in its multi-purpose combat capability. In the past, no one wanted it. Now many countries are rushing to get it. The total number of orders has exceeded 200 Rafale fighters. They have proven their capabilities … Read more

Super Hornet, Rafale-M and MiG-29 begin their battle for the Indian Navy

With the induction of INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy is looking for a potent carrier-based fighter. With MiG-29Ks facing some issues, the Indian Navy is evaluating French Dassault Rafale-M fighters against Boeing’s F-18 Super Hornets. India will test American F/A-18E Super Hornets as probable future fighters embarked for the new nationally produced INS Vikrant aircraft … Read more

Serbia abandon Russian Su-30SM & decide to buy 12 french Rafale fighters

The French Rafale fighter chose by Serbia to order instead of the Su-30SM from Russia. It is known that Belgrade will initially order a batch of 12, then they can increase the quantity to buy more. French Rafale fighters continue to win big in the export market even though they are currently the most expensive … Read more

More Rafale fighter jets to reach India soon! Check details

French company Dassault Aviation will complete the deliveries of the 36 ‘Rafale’ fighter jets to the Indian Air Force (IAF) soon. As reported by Financial Express Online earlier, as per the Intergovernmental deal inked by both sides in September 2016, India had placed an order for 36 multi-role fighter jets in fly-away condition at a cost … Read more

Why Greece’s Purchase Of Rafale F3-R Fighters Is A Game Change

Rafale F3-R Fighters: Why Greece Purchased Them And What It Means for Turkey – In the middle of January, the balance in the Aegean Sea shifted as Greece received its first six Rafale F3-R fighter aircraft from France; 18 more are scheduled for delivery in the near future. Commenting on the arrival, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos … Read more