France successfully test fired ASMPA nuke missile from Rafale fighter

As a member of the Western bloc, and a major military power in Europe, France always focuses on homemade weapons and work independently. The country is the only country in the Western military that has an air-based for nuclear force other than the United States. On March 23, France tested An improved ASMA-P airborne nuclear … Read more

Will Indian Air Force choose Rafale again for MMRCA 2.0 contract

India’s new Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari informed on October 5, 2021, that the Indian Air Force will be taking forward the proposed procurement of 114 Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) and that it will be carried out under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. In April 2019 The IAF had issued a Request for Information (RFI) to acquire … Read more

How powerful is France new Rafale F4 fighter aircraft

France is developing an advanced version of its Rafale fighter aircraft the F4 version that would come with enhanced stealth, powerful electronic warfare systems, and new weapons. The new Rafale F-4 fighter is expected to bring connected solutions, increasing the effectiveness of the aircraft in network-centric warfare. According to the announcement of the French Ministry … Read more

A formidable competitor of the F-35, but what makes Saab Gripen lose in sales?

Sweden’s Saab Gripen fighter is a competitor to the F-35, Eurofighter Typhoon and Rafale in global fighter deals but loses to the opponent on two important fronts. According to The EurAsian Times, the Gripen is one of the few major multi-role fighter jets marketed worldwide over the course of the last decade. It often competes with … Read more

Over 200 international orders, Rafale fighters became a hot commodity

In the past, no one wanted it. Now many countries are rushing to get it. The total number of orders has exceeded 100 Rafale fighters. They have proven their capabilities in many actual battles. According to a report published on September 12 by Agence France-Presse titled “The Rafale Fighter That Couldn’t Be Sold Is Now … Read more

Qatar Air Force: From a tiny boy to a Middle Eastern giant

From one of the weakest air force in the Middle East, but with the huge investment, the Qatar Air Force suddenly became a “giant” in the region with the most modern fighters in the world. The global fighter jet deals often see competition from the F-35 stealth aircraft to the Rafales, Eurofighter Typhoons, F-15EX and many others. Owning … Read more

Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon : Which One Is Better (Part-3)

Welcome to part 3 of Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon .The most “main caliber” of all three aircraft is cruise missiles (KR). Rafal and EF-2000 use the British-French KR Storm Shadow/SCALP EG (British/French designation), Eurofighter and Gripen can use the Swedish-German CD KEPD-150/350 TAURUS (the Swedish Air Force has not been supplied as of … Read more

Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon : Which One Is Better (Part-2)

According to most experts as a fighter-interceptor, the EF-2000 is the superior. “Rafale” is slightly inferior to him in flight characteristics Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon : Which One Is Better (Part-1) The maneuverability at subsonic and supersonic speeds is also a slight advantage behind eurofighter. The radius of the established reversal of the … Read more