The Ukrainian army unleashed a series of strikes on the Belgorod region.

The Belgorod region was under a hail of blows from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tonight, a series of strikes were inflicted on the territory of Shebekino in the Belgorod Region. According to Russian military correspondents, at least 15 explosions thundered on the territory of Shebekino and the Shebekinsky district, which became one of the … Read more

Ukraine says Russian drones cause ‘serious damage.’

According to Ukrainian officials, the Russian suicide drone raid caused extensive damage, resulting in emergency blackouts across ten provinces and the nation’s capital of Kyiv. According to Oleksiy Kuleba, governor of Kyiv province, home to more than three million people, a Russian suicide drone assault early Monday morning injured two persons and many buildings and … Read more

For the first time, Russian Su-57 shot down a Ukrainian Su-27 with R-37M missile

For the first time Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 shot down a Su-27 fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian air force by using R-37M long-range BVR missile. According to the Russian edition of Svobodnaya Pressa, on October 10, a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet was hit by the latest Su-57 fifth-generation fighter by using R-37M BVR missile. According … Read more

Russian S-300V4 air defense missile sets world record for longest interception

Russian S-300V4 missile system neutralized both Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 aircraft at extreme ranges of 217km, surpassing the 150km range kill previously recorded by a Russian S-400 system against a Ukrainian Su-27 over Kyiv in March. According to the information disclosed by the US “Military Watch magazine” website, The Ukrainian Air Force recently carried out … Read more

One by one, Russian Lancet Kamikaze drone destroying Ukrainian air defence system

The Russian Defense Ministry has released several new videos of the strikes by Lancet kamikaze drones that destroy Ukrainian targets specially Ukrainian air defence system from S-300 to Buk air defence system. The video footage, which was released by the Russian Armed Forces on October 13, combines images taken by suicide drones and surveillance drones … Read more

How powerful was Russia’s missile attack on Ukraine?

Russia rained cruise missiles on busy Ukrainian cities on Monday after the Crimean bridge was attacked by Ukraine, Russia’s airstrike signaled the beginning of the Russian counter-offensive, and three important signals were sent out to the world. On the morning of October 10, many explosions occurred in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine; Ukrainian officials quickly … Read more

Ukraine’s connectivity to Starlink satellite Internet was cut off, suspected use of a secret weapon by Russia.

After information about the use of secret weapons by Russian Military, Elon Musk lost access to the Internet in Ukraine. On the territory of Ukraine, access to Starlink satellite Internet has almost completely disappeared. This led to extremely serious losses for the Ukrainian army, which, among other things, is confirmed by the American media, however, … Read more

The Crimean bridge caught fire and collapsed after a powerful explosion. What is its strategic consequence?

A truck filled with explosives enter the Crimean bridge and explode and caught fire. Due to fire and explosion, Kerch bridge lost at least three spans – two of them were completely in the water, while the third collapsed partially.  At about 6 am Russian time in the area of ​​the Crimean bridge, a strong … Read more

Russian downed Su-34 pilot tell the rescue and survival story near Kupiansk in Ukraine

On September 24, near the city of Kupyansk in Kharkiv Oblast, a Su-34 of the Russian aerospace force was shot down in the “gray area” while retreating from a bombed target. A well-informed Bo briefed the public on the situation, providing interesting details of the recent rescue of Russian pilots during his stay in Ukraine. … Read more

Hypersonic weapon and the Su-57 are ineffective, and the T-14 tank is absent. What is the problem with Russian weapons?

In the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a distinctive feature of the Russian army’s operations is the heavy use of backward conventional combat forces, hypersonic missiles fired twice, the Su-57 has participated a few times, the Su-34 was shot down several times, the T-14 tank was only a sample cargo, the S-400 also achieved nothing, the Moskva … Read more