Russian-Western arms race on Ukraine battlefield. Explained

Russia increased long-range raids and sent troops to attack Bakhmut, forcing the West to race to supply more powerful weapons to Ukraine. Ukraine is facing a tense situation in the Donbas, where the Russian army has recently sent well-trained reserves into hot spots occupied by Wagner mercenaries. This additional force is more elite and more … Read more

What is the difficult situation with Western tanks on the Ukrainian battlefield?

The US, Germany, and the UK have agreed to transfer the main battle tanks to Ukraine, but their small numbers and logistical challenges make it difficult for these tanks to be effective. After nearly a year, Ukraine asked its NATO allies to transfer Western-made main battle tanks, and the alliance finally accepted. The decision to … Read more

The United States is preparing one of the largest packages of military assistance to Ukraine on the anniversary of the start of the NWO

The United States is preparing the largest package of military assistance to Ukraine. Washington announced that as the anniversary of the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine approaches, the United States is preparing the largest package of military assistance for Kyiv. Its estimated cost will be about 4 billion dollars, and it is … Read more

US donates 2500 HIMARS missiles to Ukraine.

New deliveries of missiles for the HIMARS MLRS for Ukraine include 2500 missiles. Against the background of the U.S. announcing ammunition deliveries for Ukrainian HIMARS systems, it became known that in 2023 Ukraine received 2500 missiles from the U.S. Officially, data on the number of missiles does not appear in the U.S. statement. However, considering … Read more

According to Ukraine’s prediction, Russia is preparing to mobilize 500,000 troops.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence believes Russia plans to mobilize 500,000 troops to launch a spring-summer offensive in the east and south. General Vadym Skibitsky, deputy head of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Service, said on January 6 that the order to mobilize troops would be issued by Russia on January 15, after the winter break … Read more

Ukraine claims to regain 40% of Russian territory.

General Zaluzhny announced that the Ukrainian army regained 40% of the territory controlled by Russian forces after the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022. “Ukrainian armed forces have liberated 40% of the territory controlled by Russia in a full-scale conflict,” said the commander of the Ukrainian army, General Valery Zaluzhny, on January 2, adding that … Read more

Russia is testing a unique complex to fight “Starlink.”

The newest Russian complex will be able to detect Starlink terminals and provide coordinates for their destruction. It is now known that we are talking about testing the complex, which received the name “Borshchevik.” A key feature of this type of weapon is detecting the activity of Starlink terminals (accuracy reaches 60 meters), with the … Read more