could Greece gift S-300 defense systems to Ukraine?

Russia warned NATO member Greece that sending the Soviet-designed S-300 missile defense system to Ukraine would be viewed as “a highly provocative step.” A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry even suggested that the Kremlin would try to locate any anti-aircraft weapons. “We consider the plans to supply the Kyiv regime with S-300 or other … Read more

Russian S-300V4 air defense missile sets world record for longest interception

Russian S-300V4 missile system neutralized both Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 aircraft at extreme ranges of 217km, surpassing the 150km range kill previously recorded by a Russian S-400 system against a Ukrainian Su-27 over Kyiv in March. According to the information disclosed by the US “Military Watch magazine” website, The Ukrainian Air Force recently carried out … Read more

Armenia lost two S-300 air defence systems and more than 50 soldiers in a clash with Azerbaijan

During 9 hours of clashes on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, 2 areas of the S-300 air defense system of Armenia were destroyed. While 150-200 soldiers killed, hundreds wounded. New clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Wednesday as international peace efforts intensified a day after nearly 100 soldiers were killed in the worst fighting between … Read more

Another Russian S-300 air defence system destroyed by Ukraine

A recent video published by the Ukraine side shows that in an air strike an entire Russian S-300 air defence system was completely destroyed including 3 launchers and radar system in Vicinity of Balakliia city. Ukraine media released a video on 7th September showing the destruction of the Russian S-300 air defence system. The footage … Read more

Russian S-300 missile launch goes wrong, and directly hit its own troops

Videos circulating online appear to show the moment a Russian the dramatic failure of a Russian air defence missile launch. The fired missile dropped and exploded because it couldn’t accelerate in time. According to Ukrainian military officials, the Russian army launched six S-300 air defence missiles on Wednesday night in the direction of Kharkiv in … Read more

Does Russia really using S-300 air defence System Against Ukraine to Hit Ground Targets?

Recently, a Ukrainian official said that the Russian military is attacking ground targets in Ukraine with its S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile. Vitaliy Kim, the governor of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv province, claimed on Twitter that the Russian Army regularly carries out “missile strikes” and employs S-300 missiles that are GPS-equipped to attack ground targets. To reach targets … Read more

Revenge: Russian S-300 air defence system destroyed by Ukraine in Kherson

On the territory of the Kherson region, the Russian S-300 air defense system launchers were destroyed by Ukrainian Armed Forces artillery. Considered one of the most effective means of air defense, the S-300 Favorit complexes could not successfully repel a missile attack and were destroyed. The air defense systems were in a state of combat readiness, … Read more

Two S-300 air defence launchers were destroyed by Russia with anti-radiation missile

Ukrainian S-300s tried to lure out Russian combat aircraft, but due to a single mistake two launchers were destroyed by the Russian air force The Ukrainian military also pursued another goal during its most recent assault on Zmeiny (Snake) Island, hoping to entice Russian combat aircraft into the area where its long-range air defence systems … Read more

Russia destroyed S-300 missile systems given to Ukraine by European state

Russia said on Monday that it had destroyed S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems which had been supplied to Ukraine by a European country by using Kalibr cruise missile. The Russian Navy ship carried out four strikes on the positional areas of the Ukrainian S-300 air defense systems. As a result of a massive salvo of cruise … Read more

Israel Airstrike research center & military factory in Syria, S-300 failed to intercept

The latest satellite images reveal the devastating consequences of the Israeli attack on the town of Masyaf, which is home of Syrian S-300 missile system. The Israeli air strike on April 9, 2022, on the outskirts of Masyaf town, in Hama province in western Syria, had severe consequences. According to the latest satellite images shared … Read more