Russian Navy test-fired it’s new SLBM, the Bulava Ballistic Missile

Russian Navy nuclear-powered submarine Generalissimus Suvorov has successfully launched a ballistic missile Bulava during the final phase of government certification tests, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday. The launch was carried out from the White Sea at the Kura proving ground in Kamchatka. Russian News Agency, TASS has covered the news about the test … Read more

India test fires SLBM from Indigenously-developed Nuclear-powered Submarine INS Arihant

Indian Navy carried out test launch of a submarine launched ballistic missile on October 14, 2022. India operates three indigenous homemade ballistic missile submarines and has developed two submarine-launched surface-to-surface missiles, the K-15 and the K-4. After the US, Russia, the UK, France, and China, India is the sixth country in the world to have … Read more