Ukraine special force soldiers daring operation in Snake island

Recently Ukraine retakes Snake island in the northern Black Sea after many successful Ukrainian attacks. Now the Ukrainian flag is flying there. And Ukraine force shared the operation details. The sight of the Ukrainian flag flying over Snake Island, just days after the Russians retreated from it, is hugely symbolic. Placing the flag was expected, and … Read more

Important win for Ukraine: Russia withdraws from the Snake Island

Russian armed forces were forced to withdraw from Snake Island. This is important, and it is a significant victory for Ukraine. In a recent movement Russian armed forces were forced to abandon Snake island in Ukraine. Ukraine says the last Russian units have probably been evacuated from Snake Island following a series of heavy strikes … Read more

Ukrainian Struck with 25 missiles and M777 howitzers on Russian-occupied Snake Island

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have struck Snake Island with American M777 howitzers and 25 different types of missiles. The Ukrainian military carried out one of the largest attacks on Snake (Zmeiny) Island, firing 4 Tochka-U tactical missiles at the island, 21 missiles of an unidentified MLRS, as well as strikes from American M-777 light … Read more