What are the capabilities of the SR-71 Blackbird?

The Blackbird reconnaissance plane, formerly known as SR-71, has performed over 3,550 reconnaissance missions during its entire service period. It has visited important facilities in many countries, such as missile silos, radar positions, nuclear submarine bases. It can be said that the SR-71 has flown almost all countries considered hostile by the United States since … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Nuclear weapon Explosions

The destructiveness of weapons has increased in recent times with modern technology. The world saw devastating results in the Hiroshima air raid and the Chernobyl accident. Nuclear bombs, tests, explosions and accidents are an inevitable part of our reality. So here we are writing 10 facts about nuclear explosions. 1) The Tsar Bomb is the … Read more

What type of Soviet weapons did Ukraine has received from Eastern European countries?

When the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, many Eastern European countries gave Ukraine back the weapons supplied by the Soviet Union in the past. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union provided many weapons to allied countries in Eastern Europe. When the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, many weapons were sent back to Ukraine by European countries. … Read more

It can interfere with global communication signals. How good was the Duga radar?

The “Duga” systems were extremely powerful, reaching over 10 MW, and broadcast in the shortwave radio bands. They were nicknamed Russian Woodpecker. The first impression woodpeckers give us is the way they hit trees at high frequencies. The speed of a woodpecker’s peck is as high as 555cm/s, and it taps trees 500-600 times a day, like tapping a … Read more

Why is the MiG-29 still a ‘sky killer’ after more than 4 decades of its birth?

On October 6, 1977, the fourth-generation Soviet fighter MiG-29 Fulcrum successfully made its first flight piloted by test pilot Alexander Fedotov. The idea of ​​​​creating the MiG-29 appeared in the early 1960s when the notion that close-range air battles were a thing of the past, thanks to the powerful radar and long-range missiles that the … Read more