Why does every country want a Space Force after the birth of the US “Space Force”?

Two years ago, in December 2019, the US Space Force was born. The mission of this new U.S. military branch is to protect the nation’s satellites and other space assets. From space military security to day-to-day satellite communications, the Space Force’s job seems very high-level and highly classified. With the establishment of the US Space … Read more

Before we even started in 2022, Musk has launched 2 rockets to put 154 satellites

On January 13 SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station to deliver 105 satellites into a near-polar Sun-synchronous orbits, successfully completing its third discounted rideshare flight. While other space agency struglling to launch because of pandemic, the US private aerospace company, Musk’s SpaceX, has successfully carried out two launches in … Read more

Forget Kazakhstan, Ukraine or Syria, the world is facing something much more terrible

According to NASA, an asteroid about 1.06 km wide will pass or crash into Earth on January 18. Seems like the world’s “hotspots” are nothing compared to this. First discovered by Australian astronomer Robert McNaught in 1994, the “space rock” Flyby is classified as a “potentially hazardous asteroid” due to its size and orbit. It will … Read more

Military Satellites: India needs to FastTrack

On August 27, 2015 a commutations satellite called GSAT-6 was launched by ISRO, which is also known to cater for strategic requirements of the country. GSAT-6 is known to provide quality and secure communication. For a long time Indian armed forces have been getting assistance from satellites towards steering their operations. Recently, it has been … Read more

Skyroot Aerospace : India’s first aerospace startup aims maiden rocket launch by December 2021

Skyroot Aerospace, an Indian startup has become the first in the country to test-fire a homegrown upper-stage rocket engine. This is seen as a major milestone in the long-drawn process of building a space-faring rocket. A typical rocket consists of two or more stages, each of which would have its own engines(either single or packed … Read more