Ukrainian army captured three rare russian weapons including one top sniper rifle of the Russian army, designed to kill important leaders in bulletproof cars

In the recent Russian-Ukrainian conflict battlefield, the Ukrainian army has seized three very rare Russian weapons. The first is the “cloud bomb rocket launcher squad dedicated armored vehicle”, which is also very rare in the Russian army. This is a very rare heavy infantry fighting vehicle designed to carry troops equipped with shoulder-fired RPO-A Cloud … Read more

U.S. Navy SEALs raided at night in North Syria and caught senior IS leader

The United States conducted a special operation in Turkish-controlled Syria and captured a senior leader of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in an overnight raid in northern Syria. Yesterday night the US military attacked Turkish-controlled militants in northern Syria, Aleppo province. As it became known, the US army deployed 2 military helicopters that invaded … Read more

Russia’s Spetsnaz Special Forces: Putin’s Secret Weapon In Ukraine?

Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces Likely Running Roughshod in Ukraine – Elite Russian Spetsnaz special operations forces are likely already in Ukraine and spending ample time taking over checkpoints, helping airborne troops seize at least one airport, and capturing critical infrastructure. The Spetsnaz excel at working behind enemy lines to sow chaos and confusion. Spetsnaz Likely Going After Critical … Read more

Why did Russian special forces abandon domestic pistols and switch to the West?

The Federal Security Service (FSB) Russia’s top special forces unit possessing all kinds of advanced tactical weapons and accessories, but surprisingly, the standard pistol equipment is Western instead of Russian. Russia is famous for equipping its military with its own made pieces of equipment but not in all cases. The FSB of Russia love … Read more