Su-25: This old Soviet-era warplane is delivering a big impact in the Russia-Ukraine War

The Su-25 “Frogfoot” is a battle-proven close air support plane in Russian hands. Unfortunately for the Russians, Ukraine has some, too. According to Jon Guttman of History net, The current conflict in Ukraine has seen a remarkable clash of state-of-the-art technical sophistication and old-fashioned fundamentals. Most of the newest weapons have been wielded with disproportionate … Read more

Masterly Dodge: Two Ukrainian missiles failed to intercept Russian Su-25 aircraft

A video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense shows that after two Su-25 attack aircraft attacked Ukrainian positions at low altitude, one of the Su-25 was attacked by two man-portable air defense missiles, but fortunately, the Su-25 attack plane was not hit, and two man-portable air defense missiles passed the Su-25 at close range, … Read more

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft shot down by Ukrainian troops using MANPADS

A Ukrainian soldier with a man-portable air defense missile hit a Russian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft near Volokhovy Yar, Kharkiv Region. The pilot reportedly managed to eject. An attempt to use military aviation in the Kharkiv direction ended in the loss of one of the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. A pair of Su-25 attack … Read more

How good is Su-25 ground attack aircraft that is currently in action in Ukraine Russia war

The Su-25 is thought to be a fighter with solid penetration capabilities. It uses its superior power to quickly inject bombs into the opponent’s heart, completing operations like bombing and dealing a devastating blow to the opponent. the Su-25 is built to engage armored tank vehicles. Therefore, it prioritizes defensive, take-off, and landing performance, which … Read more

Su-25 attack aircraft supply by Europe to Ukraine shot down by Russia

Russian Ministry of Defense announced that they shot down another Su-25 fighter jet out of 14 Su-25 attack aircraft received from Eastern European partners. On May 6 it was reported that Ukraine received 14 Su-25 attack aircraft from Eastern European partners. But as soon Ukraine received these aircraft Russia start hunting them already shot down … Read more

US A-10 Warthog vs Russian Su-25 Frogfoot: Who is the real “flying tank”?

During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union created many advanced weapons and they became rivals on the battlefields. Today we gonna talk about the “Flying Tank” of both nation Russia’s Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot and America’s A-10 Warthog, both dubbed “flying tanks” in the sky, are rivals in the air support mission for … Read more

Su-25 Frogfoot: Russian ultimate Warrior in Syria

Russian military aircraft have been active in Syria since 2015 and by 2021 had flown over 40,000 sorties. About half these sorties were by helicopters and combat support aircraft carrying out reconnaissance missions seeking out targets and keeping track of enemy activity on the ground. Russia does not have many UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for … Read more