India successfully tests extended range BrahMos missile from Su-30MKI fighter

In a recent test India successfully fired a 450km range Brahmos-A supersonic cruise missile from Su-30MKI fighter aircraft. On 12th May India successfully fired the Extended Range Version of BrahMos Air Launched missile from Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft. The launch from the aircraft was as planned and the missile achieved a direct hit on the … Read more

Russian air force mobilizes Su-30SM fighters to ‘hunt’ Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2

After ground air defence systems failed to intercept the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2  UAV, Russia now deployed the Su-30SM fighter aircraft to shoot down TB2 UCAV. The Russian Army hopes that the Su-30SM will aid in the better control of the skies against the increased regular invasions of Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drones. For several days in … Read more

New infrared search and track system for Su-30MKI, can detect stealth aircraft too

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on Tuesday said it has signed a contract with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for co-development and co-production of long range dual band Infra-Red Search and Track System (IRST) for Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter jets. The contract was signed under the MAKE-II procedure of Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020, as part of the … Read more

Outselling America’s F-15 Eagle: How Russia’s Su-30 Emerged as the World’s Most Popular Heavy Fighter for Export

Since the mid-1990 Russia has aggressively marketed its Su-30 Flanker twin engine heavyweight fighter across the world, gaining clients across four continents as the most widely exported member of the Flanker family. The Su-30 was based heavily on the advanced air superiority airframe of the Su-27, a Soviet jet which entered service in 1985 as … Read more

Top Six Most Powerful Fighter Aircrafts in Europe

Europe has long seen a concentration of some of the world’s most capable fighter aircraft as a frontier between the U.S. led Western Bloc and the Warsaw Pact. So today we bring the top six powerful fighter aircraft of Europe. Although less of a priority for U.S deployments in the 21st century, due to Russia’s … Read more

Check out the most produced 4th generation fighter jets in the world

The 4th generation fighter aircrafts are still the backbone of many countries’ air forces, while Russia and the US are still the two world’s number one powers in terms of production of fighter aircraft. Fighter aircraft are one of the key components of almost all armed forces in the world. These weapons can help states maintain deterrence … Read more

Sweden Gripen vs Russia Flanker: Which one is superior

The “battles on paper” between the Swedish JAS-39 Gripen fighter and the Russian-made Su-30/35 Flanker have consumed a lot of media coverage, but there are still no early signs of end. Recently, Swedish military officials have confidently stated that their latest generation JAS-39 Gripen-NG fighter can easily defeat the Su-30 and Su-35 multirole fighters of … Read more

Did US F21 loose from Su 30mki?

India is preparing to purchase an additional 12  Su 30mki. In early 2019 Lockheed Martin offered India a plan for the F-21 fighter, the new F-21 fighter, which is actually an upgraded version of the Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter, with the difference that it has updated its edict and radar systems, and improved its range … Read more