Iran’s purchase of Su-35 fighter jets is at a significant disadvantage against the Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets 

Iran involved targets in the military industry in many places and suddenly encountered drone air strikes from abroad, causing explosions and fires. After analyzing and judging, the outside world guessed that Israel did it. Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, is Israel’s prime minister again. Not surprisingly, this well-known military and political strongman in the … Read more

Iran to buy 64 Su-35 fighter jets from Russia to form five fighter squadrons

Iran intends to acquire 64 Russian Su-35 fighters, which will allow the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to form five separate squadrons. A third of the combat aircraft can be transferred to the Iranian Air Force by the end of this year, while the rest of the fighters, according to Arab media, Iran will be … Read more

Can 65 Su-35s help the Iranian Air Force suppress the Israeli Air Force’s F-35i fighter jets?

On 4th September it was reported that Iran to buy 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E produced for Egypt from Russia in exchange for hundreds of armed drones. The Iranian Air Force’s fighter introduction plan, which has been tossing for several years, has finally settled. A few days ago, the Iranian Air Force Commander confirmed that it … Read more

Russian Su-35: a total failure, reason why it “lost” 24 Su-35s in Ukraine

Despite bragging about the “excellence” of the Su-35, Russia now needs a justification for why it has lost 24 Su-35s, or two squadrons, in the battle in Ukraine. For several years now, Russia has been “hypothecating” the greatness and capabilities of the Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO codename Flanker-E) and describing it as the most capable fighter … Read more

Russian Su-35 fighter jet received most powerful air to air missile in the world

Russian Su-35 fighters received unique missile weapons. Russian Su-35 fighters received unique missiles. The latest aviation missiles greatly expand the capabilities of Russian combat aircraft, allowing them to hit targets at distances up to 300 kilometers, which, in fact, allows them to destroy enemy aircraft even before the radars of the latter can detect their … Read more

Why did China use the Su-35 and not the so called 5th generation J-20 fighter in the Taiwan Strait?

On Tuesday it was reported that China’s Su-35 fighter jets were seen near Taiwan Strait amid US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s imminent visit to Taipei. But why send Su-35 while China have stealth fighter. Many times, China criticizes the Russian Su-35 4.5th generation fighter and claims that its own J-16, J-11, and J-20 are considerably superior than … Read more

After Russian Su-34 was shot down by its own air defense system, Russia has now lost another Su-35

After being shot down by its air defense system of a Su-34 fighter-bomber, the Russian Aerospace Forces lost another Su-35 fighter in the Nova Kakhovka area shot down by Ukrainian air defence. The Ukrainian Air Force Command claimed that the Su-35 fighter jet was shot down by the 3rd Air Defense Regiment of the Ukrainian … Read more

Ukraine claimed in a heated dog fight MiG-29 shot down Russian Su-35

Ukraine claimed that its Air Force had shot down an advanced Russian Su-35 fighter jet in a fierce air battle on the afternoon of Friday in the sky of the Kherson region. “On May 27, at about 2 p.m., a MiG-29 fighter jet of the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter jet … Read more

Russia’s top notch fighter Su-35 shot down by Ukraine

Russian Sukhoi Su-35 is touted as a 4++ generation fighter that is not stealthy but is still a very formidable fighter aircraft in the sky but It has reportedly been shot down by surface-to-air missiles. On 23rd April a report published by the Ukraine Air force command of UA armed forces that Russia top notch fighter … Read more

Russian fighter pilot revealed shocking information about Ukrainian pilots

The Russian Defense Ministry uploaded a video of Su-35, Su-30SM fighters participating in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The video shows the crews of Su-35 and Su-30SM combat aircraft fulfilling the tasks of delivering strikes against Ukrainian military facilities. The pilots perform flights at various altitudes, employing air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles. Enemy scurries away from the … Read more