For the first time, Russian Su-57 shot down a Ukrainian Su-27 with R-37M missile

For the first time Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 shot down a Su-27 fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian air force by using R-37M long-range BVR missile. According to the Russian edition of Svobodnaya Pressa, on October 10, a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet was hit by the latest Su-57 fifth-generation fighter by using R-37M BVR missile. According … Read more

How challenging is it to convert Su-57 to a carrier-based fighter for Russia

Following the path of the United States Navy F-35C and China’s J-35, Russia has recently announced that it will develop a stealth carrier-based aircraft on the basis of the Su-57. Considering that the Su-57 is a twin-engine heavy fighter, the carrier-based version of the fighter built on the Su-57 design will be a fighter similar … Read more

How strong is the Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter?

The Sukhoi Su-57 is the first fifth-generation fighter jet made by Russia, and its prototype T-50 made its maiden flight in January 2010. This type of single-seat dual-engine stealth multi-function heavy-duty fighter has the characteristics of short take-off and landing distance, super maneuverability, and supersonic cruise capability. It can effectively compete with fifth-generation stealth fighters … Read more

Russian Su-57 stealth fighter conducts SEAD Operation against Ukrainian Air Defense Networks

The Russian Air Force has used its 5th generation stealth fighter Su-57 to conduct attacks against Ukrainian Air Defense Units. During a Special military operation in Ukraine, Russia deployed four of its newest Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jets, combined to work in a network, to identify and destroy Ukrainian air defense systems. They successfully conducted a … Read more

Is the Russia’s most advanced Su-57 fighter participating on the Ukraine battlefield?

Recently, the news of the Su-57 appearing on the Ukrainian battlefield has opened up again. It has attracted the attention of many people. According to the reports, the Russian Aerospace Forces have put the Su-57 into a “special military operation” against Ukraine. So, how effective is this fighter jet? There are many speculations about why … Read more

Is Russia’s New Su-57 Stealth Fighter Going To War In Ukraine?

Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Fighter – Ready for War in Ukraine? There have been some observers shooting videos of what they think are Su-57 Felon fighters over Ukraine escorting bombers for an attack run at targets to support the invasion. These are unconfirmed reports and on February 24, the India Today media outlet has fact-checked that video shared by many and … Read more

The Russian Air Force officially received two Su-57 fighter aircraft

Even it had been 12 years since the Su-57 first flight, only 3 Su-57 fifth-generation stealth fighters were mass-produced and delivered to the Russian air force. The situation in Russia and Ukraine affects people’s hearts. The United States and NATO are aggressively deploying troops to Eastern Europe to deal with the possible “invasion threat” from Russia … Read more

Is the Russia’s Su-57 Felon world’s most lagging stealth fighter?

The Sukhoi Su-57 Felon is Russia’s first stealth aircraft. Its development was slowed down due to numerous problems and delays. As for early 2022, only a small number of production examples exist. Russia’s Su-57 (Felon) is a single-seat, twin-engine “stealth” multirole fighter developed by the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi. It has been in development since before the … Read more

Global fifth-generation aircraft production exceeded 1000

At present, the air forces of major countries in the world have entered the era of fifth-generation stealth fighters. The mass-produced fifth-generation aircraft include F-22, F-35, J-20 and soon Su-57 will enter into mass production, and a certain type of aircraft is under development like Indian AMCA, Su-75, J-31 and South Korea’s KF-21. According to … Read more

Russia’s Su-57: The Worst Stealth Fighter In The Air?

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 is one of only four operational 5th generation fighters anywhere on the planet, keeping the rare company of China’s Chengdu J-20 and America’s Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35. Each of these fighters was developed with different specialties in mind, but share a collective focus on a few specific design elements that have … Read more