US-Russia-China in the race to export 5th generation fighter aircraft

The superpower’s most advanced fighters are being marketed but buyers beware, they are designed with very different air defense doctrines in mind. According to Asia Times, China, Russia and the United States are locked in a fierce competition to export their fifth-generation fighter jets, a trade war that is important for strategic influence in key … Read more

Russian Su-75 Checkmate could be AK-47 in the fighter aircraft market

The newly released Su-75 Checkmate has shocked the world, mainly export-oriented and it is considered as an AK gun, which can help Russia make a lot of money. The Russian Aerospace Forces (Russian VKS) will receive four new fifth-generation Su-57 fighters in December. The aircraft was developed by the Sukhoi Design Office of the United … Read more

Russian Su-75 checkmate repeats the same mistake of the Su-57

The Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet is brought by Russia to the Dubai Airshow 2021 international air show with the expectation of finding the first customer, but it revealed a huge weakness. Russia showed a prototype of its new fifth-generation warplane at the Dubai Airshow on Sunday as slow progress has been made in the United … Read more

Will the Su-75 fighter be used by Russia, or only for export?

In July, Russia launched the fifth-generation stealth fighter Su-75 Checkmate at MAKS-2021. However, whether the Su-75 can enter the service of the Russian Air Force or only for the export market, there is still a lot of controversies. Some defense experts believe that the development of the Su-75 Checkmate fighter is mainly for export to foreign countries. According to the information, … Read more

Su-75 and J-10C: Which fighter really threatens the West most?

Until the launch of Russia’s Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet at the end of July, China’s J-10 was the only single-engine fighter in production, considered a potential competitor of the West. Most of the fighters aircraft that the Soviet Union developed from the 1970s onwards did not use a single-engine design, but were used a dual-engine concept; … Read more