The Russian Navy takes delivery of the sixth Borei-class nuclear submarine.

Russia significantly increased its modern naval nuclear forces on Thursday with the delivery to the Navy of a new Borei-A-class submarine at the Severodvinsk shipyard. On December 29, the Generalissimo Suvorov ballistic missile submarine (K-553) was formally handed over to the Pacific Fleet from the Sevmash shipyards in the Arkhangelsk region. Both President Putin and … Read more

Russian Navy to get more submarines of new improved Kilo-class by 2024

Russian Navy will get six Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines, improved Kilo-class by 2024. This information has been reported by Tass. Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai confirmed this news. According to Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai, submarines of this type feature excellent stealth capabilities and are armed with precision-guided weapons to effectively accomplish missions. … Read more