Ukraine claims to have shot down 85% suicide drones launched by Russia, but the remaining 15 % still give Ukraine a big headache

223 suicide drones (UAVs), accounting for 85% of the total number of Russian UAVs used, were shot down by Ukraine, an achievement that is not bad, but why are the leaders of the Ukrainian Army and NATO still worried? Since Russian suicide drones were introduced into the Ukrainian battlefield, they have achieved excellent results; Even … Read more

Indian Army inducted Swarm drones into the Mechanised Forces, will play critical role against Chinese aggression

Indian Army induct Swarm Drones into the Mechanised Forces, duly embracing the niche & disruptive technologies, will provide an edge to the Indian Army in meeting future security challenges. Indian Army’s mechanised forces are inducted swarm drone systems capable of carrying out offensive missions in enemy territory with scores of drones working in formations to … Read more

5 weapons that can sink an aircraft carrier

As the most expensive weapon in the world, the aircraft carrier is also the weapon with the most black technology among naval warships. It is often ridiculed by netizens as a surface warship that can never be sunk. Although it sounds like an aircraft carrier is very powerful, and few countries in the world own … Read more