fired 5 rounds in 3 seconds, hit the same target, the Swedish “King of Fire Rate” howitzer appeared on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield 

On the Soledar battlefield, Russian armored units and high-value combat targets were repeatedly attacked by heavy artillery from the Ukrainian army, causing heavy casualties to the Russian offensive troops. Among this heavy artillery, there is a howitzer with outstanding performance. It not only has a peculiar shape but also has amazing shooting accuracy. It has fired … Read more

Sweden deploys its latest air defense missile systems in operational trials.

Since Monday, an air defense battlegroup from the Halmstad Air Defense Regiment (Lv 6) has qualified air defense systems in the Gothenburg area as part of a readiness operation. An enhanced capability that means action and expanded defense of the airspace around the strategically important West Coast. From the time they received the order until … Read more

Sweden may supply 12 Archer self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine

Sweden may soon supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 12 units of Archer Artillery Systems, on October 26, 2022, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lidén from the Swedish Defense Academy told that the Swedish Ministry Of Defense has submitted a report to the government that they could provide 12 of their 48 available Archer 155mm wheeled self-propelled … Read more

Eight Years No Buyer, Why no one is buying Sweden Gripen fighter aircraft?

Recently, the President and CEO of the famous Swedish company Micael Johansson told journalists in the Scandinavian country about his “disappointment” regarding the fighter jet’s failure to attract buyers other than Sweden and Brazil. The last time Saab successfully sold the Gripen was eight years ago. People familiar with fighters should know that Sweden’s Saab … Read more

What Is NATO’s “Open Door” Policy, And How Will Sweden Or Finland Join?

What is NATO’s open door policy? On Wednesday, the Swedish and Finnish prime ministers held a joint press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, and announced that decision on whether or not the countries would join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would arrive “within weeks.” The two countries, which have maintained positions of neutrality on military conflicts that lasted through … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: 5,000 Swedish anti-tank weapons have arrived in Ukraine

Sweden will provide Ukraine with an additional 5,000 anti-tank weapons, TT news agency quoted the Swedish Defence Minister saying on Wednesday. Sweden has already sent 5,000 anti-tank weapons, along with other military materiel to Ukraine.  5,000 Swedish anti-tank weapons have arrived in Ukraine, which has broken the Sweden neutrality since 1939. Stockholm’s weapons will give … Read more

Ukraine conflict: Russian warplanes enter Swedish airspace

Russian combat aircraft entered Swedish airspace on 2 March, close to the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Announced by the Swedish Armed Forces, the incursion saw a pair of Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) Sukhoi Su-27/30-series ‘Flanker’ multirole combat aircraft and two Sukhoi Su-24 ‘Fencer’ strike aircraft enter national airspace during bilateral Swedish and … Read more

Visby-class corvette: outstanding stealth performance, meet the real needs of Sweden

The Visby class is a warship in use by the Swedish Navy. It is the latest class of corvette adopted by the navy after the Göteborg and Stockholm-class corvettes. The Swedish Navy commissioned the Visby-class stealth frigate in16 September 2002. The ship is built on the basis of its small and refined advantages. It can undertake various tasks such as surface … Read more

Why did India “ignore” Sweden’s J-39 Gripen fighter?

Sweden offers the J-39 Gripen fighter jet to India at less than half the price of the French Rafale; But why is India “ignoring” this fighter? The Swedish aerospace corporation Saab, recently recommended to sell the JAS-39 Gripen fighter to the Indian Air Force, at half the price of the French Rafale. Although Saab is using … Read more