Why are T-72 main battle tanks appearing on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, but the more advanced T90 rarely shows up?

When the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out, a large number of T-72 main battle tanks entered the battlefield. But what is puzzling is: the more advanced T-90 main battle tank is very rare! We all know that the T-90 is the best tank in Russia, but why doesn’t Russia send it to the battlefield? In fact, … Read more

Indian Army T-90 Bhishma MBT barrel exploded during field firing exercise, two soldiers killed, one injured

Two Indian Army personnel — a junior commanding officer (JCO) and a jawan — were killed while another sustained injuries when the barrel of a T-90 Bhishma tank burst during a field firing exercise in Babina area of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday evening. The Times of India has published the following information about … Read more

Indian variant T-90S tank has been spotted in Ukraine, is Russia really out of Tanks?

The Russian army has suffered such severe losses in armoured vehicles that it is now necessary to employ all possible means even the export products to make up for what has been lost. Some resources based on the publicly available photo began to claim that the Russian army began to use even “Indian” T-90S against … Read more

For the first time Ukraine Captured Russia’s most advanced T-90M battle tank in the Kharkiv region

For the first time ever the most advanced Russian main battle tank T-90M was captured by the Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv Oblast. This tank is also covered with Nakidka radar-absorbent and heat-insulating material. In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian military captured one of the most advanced Russian -90M “Proryv” tank. The Ukrainian tanker posted … Read more

Russia brings its most advanced T-90M tank in Ukraine battlefield

Russia’s most advanced T-90M tank has appeared in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine for the first time since Russia declare war against Ukraine. Russian modern heavy tank T-90M “Breakthrough” was first seen in the performance of assigned combat missions in a special operation in Ukraine. In the video footage published by the National Guard, you … Read more

Why Russia’s Feared T-90 Tank Keeps Getting Killed In Ukraine

Russia’s T-90 Tank Touted as Best In Class Is Fizzling Out in Ukraine – What happened to Russia’s vaunted T-90 tanks? You already know that Russian tanks have taken a major whipping on the battlefields of Ukraine. The Russian tank fleet was supposed to have been modernized for a 21st Century decisive conflict to roll into Kyiv … Read more

Indian air force showcased how did they transport 44-ton K-9 Vajra to Ladakh

Recently India deployed modern self-propelled howitzers K9 Vajra and T-72 tanks close to the Chinese border after Beijing deployed many modern artillery systems there. On October 5, when the 89th anniversary of the establishment of the Indian Air Force was approaching, the Indian Air force released a new promo film, which showed for the first … Read more

Pakistan’s VT-4 tank is more than capable of crushing Indian T-90s: US Media

Pakistan army news VT-4 main battle tank will “change the game” in the upcoming conflicts in South Asia, with the ability to crush the Indian army T-90s tank. According to the American website military watch magazine said that Pakistan is the fourth country to put China’s VT-4 tanks into service. Analysts say that the VT-4 … Read more