Turkey is developing a 5th generation jet, look how the development is going on

The Turkish state fighter TF-X will be a single-seat twin-engine next-generation fighter with stealth capabilities and new-generation avionics (based on the FX-1 concept). The plane was created due to a breakdown in cooperation between Turkey and the US on the F-35 project. Turkey, on the other hand, must first address the engine issue. The earthwork’s … Read more

TAI TF-X: Stealth fighter larger than the F22 debuted at the Singapore Air Show

Recently the Asian fighter jet market has been very active. Dassault’s “Rafale” has gotten numerous orders in a row, and even Iraq is interested in purchasing one, putting the US and Russia in the spotlight. Turkey, a growing star in the military aviation business, even brought the model TF-X fifth-generation stealth fighter at the Singapore … Read more

Why do 5th generations fighter of Korea, Turkey, China and India look like the F22?

In the era of third- and forth-generation aircraft, the aerodynamic layouts of fighters in various countries are very different, such as the light MiG-21, the MiG-23 with variable swept wings, the F-104 with short and thin wings t(hat can cut even vegetables), The F-4 that ditched the cannon, the slender Su-27, the handsome F-14, and … Read more

Turkey wants to build 70,000-ton aircraft carrier with 5th Gen. fighter aircraft

Turkish President with ulterior motives and ambitions publicly announced that it would build a real aircraft carrier and possibly a submarine. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Turkey hopes to strengthen defense cooperation with NATO ally Spain by building a second aircraft carrier and a possible submarine. The Turkish President stated that … Read more