Light weight tank for the Indian Army will roll out next year, production will be done by L&T

Work on the Light Weight Tank is going on in full swing. By 2023 the tank will be fully ready for production said by Chairman od DRDO Dr G Satheesh Reddy. The Indian Army will receive light tanks in 2023 thanks to a partnership between the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Larsen & … Read more

US M1A2SEP main battle tank: probably the world’s most capable tank

The M1A2SEP is a successor to the M1A2. It is also an upgrade package for the older Abrams tanks. It has improved armor protection, improved system components, improved computer components, and some other improvements. The M1A2SEP main battle tank is the latest and most advanced model of the “Abrams” main battle tank. It is equipped … Read more

KF51 Panther: Germany’s future battle tank, that can launch missiles and drones

The German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has launched its Future Technology Tank, the Panther KF51 at Eurosatory Military Exhibition in Paris, France. Over the past few years, military fans have debated which one is the “strongest main battle tank on the surface”: China’s Type 99A, Russia’s T-14 “Almatta”, Germany’s “Leopard 2A7”, India’s Arjun MK1A or the … Read more

Battle Of Donbas: The biggest tank war is about to happen

Russia and Ukraine appear to be in the final stages of preparation to fight the Battle of Donbas, in what is shaping up to be the biggest tank battle in Europe since the decisive Battle of Kursk in World War II. The stakes for both Moscow and Kyiv couldn’t be higher. The course of the entire war could hinge on the outcome in the Donbas. On … Read more

Russia and Ukraine lost more than 2600 tanks, are tanks still useful in modern combat?

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war on February 24, the Russian and Ukrainian armies have paid a considerable price, especially the loss of tanks on both sides. According to CNN Both Russia and Ukraine lost more than 2600 tanks in the ongoing war. In the last month, images of ruined Russian and Ukrainian “tanks” … Read more

Bahrain in talks with India to buy Arjun Mk 1A Main Battle Tank

Bahrain has launched talks with India for the procurement of the Indian-made Arjun Mk 1A MBT. Last year Indian army placed an order to supply 118 Arjun Mk1A Tank. The Kingdom of Bahrain is in talks with the Government of India to acquire a major battle tank for the ground forces of the East Asian … Read more

Does The War In Ukraine Prove Tanks Are Totally Obsolete?

Are drones and anti-tank missiles making tanks obsolete? You’ve seen the photos and videos that have documented the numerous mangled and destroyed Russian tanks that have littered the battlefield. The Bayraktar TB2 combat drone and the Javelin anti-tank missile have been devastating to Russian armor. The tank’s vulnerable turret is no match for missiles. Antitank systems are truly raining death from above. Are drones and … Read more

The Russian Army Has A Problem: Ukraine Keeps Killing Its Tanks

Russian Tanks Having a Difficult Time in Ukraine – Ukrainian social media is replete with photos and videos of knocked-out Russia’s tanks. But is this the normal course of the war for Russia to endure destroyed armored vehicles or does this show Ukrainian fighters have gained the initiative and tipped the balance against Russian armor? The … Read more

In this drone era, is it still useful for countries in the world to keep so many tanks?

Drones have gotten increasingly effective as military science and technology has progressed, and they can now destroy ground armored armies. Tanks and armoured vehicles’ battlefield presence has been severely degraded. Is it still necessary for governments to keep such a large number of tanks? Will tank armoured vehicles be phased out from the battlefield over … Read more

Postponed from 2015 to 2024, why is “Armata” so difficult to produce?

Russia’s latest generation of main battle tanks T-14 Armata has encountered a bottleneck again, and the mass production time has been forced to postpone!  As a new-generation main battle tank developed by Russia in the 21st century, the T-14 was once considered the only fourth-generation main battle tank in the world. According to the plan … Read more