TB2 UAV is back: Russian self-propelled artillery was blown up on the spot

The Kherson counter offensive launched by the Ukrainian Armed Forces has continued for several days. In this operation, the Ukrainian army also brought out a lot of advanced weapons, including the Turkish TB-2 drone, which had been silent on the battlefield for a long time before, but now it has appeared on the battlefield again … Read more

Most successful UAV in the world, Turkish TB2 destroyed more than 800 targets in Russia-Ukraine war

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones have destroyed more than 800 Russian targets in ongoing war between Russian and Ukraine including  two Ilyushin IL-76 strategic airlifter and more than 120 tanks Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial reconnaissance and strike vehicles turned out to be quite an effective weapon in the fight against various kinds of targets. As it turned … Read more

Turkish TB2 falling like flies, another Ukrainian TB2 drone shot down by Russia

Another Ukrainian attack drone Bayraktar TB2 supplied by Turkey was shot down near the city of Grayvoron in the Belgorod region. The Russian military managed to successfully destroy the Ukrainian strike unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2, which violated the border of Russian airspace. The drone was destroyed near the city of Grayvoron in the Belgorod region. The … Read more

Ukraine is out of attack drone: Another Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down by Russia

Another Turkish made attack drone Bayraktar TB2 shot down in southern Ukraine by Russian air defence system The day before, the Russian military managed to successfully destroy another Bayraktar TB2 strike and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle. The source claims that the drone was successfully destroyed in southern Ukraine while trying to correct artillery strikes on … Read more

Russia has found a way to eliminate Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 drone

The explosive success of the Bayraktar TB2 drone may have cooled off since the shift of fighting to the Donbas region in Ukraine. The Russian military has recently consolidated its air defense systems in the area and learned some lessons about the TB2 Turkish-made drone. This unmanned craft has dominated the battlefield by repeatedly blowing up Russia’s military hardware … Read more

Turkish company Baykar will give Ukraine three Bayraktar TB2 drones for free

The Turkish company Baykar has announced that it will donate three Bayraktar TB2 strike drones to Ukraine. This was reported on the company’s Twitter. Earlier, on June 22, the charitable foundation of the Ukrainian showman and volunteer Serhiy Prytula began raising funds for drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine . In three days, Ukrainians … Read more

Turkey’s TB-2 Drone “Smart Micro Munitions”: Small and light but should not be underestimated the lethality

Turkey’s TB2 UAV has delivered a very impressive performance during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. The TB2 has destroyed large numbers of Russian armored vehicles on the Ukrainian Battlefield. However, due to its own performance limitations, many of these drones were directly shot down by Russian Air Defense Systems. The TB-2 is a small medium-altitude long-endurance … Read more

Russian air force mobilizes Su-30SM fighters to ‘hunt’ Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2

After ground air defence systems failed to intercept the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2  UAV, Russia now deployed the Su-30SM fighter aircraft to shoot down TB2 UCAV. The Russian Army hopes that the Su-30SM will aid in the better control of the skies against the increased regular invasions of Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drones. For several days in … Read more

Watch Ukrainian TB2 drone destroyed two Russian ‘Raptor’ patrol boats

A Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone sunk two Russian “Raptor” patrol boats off the coast of Snake Island early Monday morning, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, quoting the Chief of the Armed Forces General. The Bayraktar TB2 strike drone destroyed Raptor patrol boats in the waters of the Black Sea with a direct hit. … Read more

How long does it take for Russian Pantsir-S1 system to take down Ukrainian TB2 UAV?

The Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone lasted only a few seconds in battle with the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile system. A confrontation between Russia’s Pantsir-S mobile air defense system and Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned combat aerial vehicle lasted only a few seconds. Despite the high combat ability and low radar exposure of the TB2 UAV, … Read more