Turkish Navy new drone carrier warship started sea trials

The Turkish Navy’s future landing helicopter dock (LHD), TCG Anadolu (L-400), was seen at sea on June 20, 2022. Turkish officials confirmed that the LHD has begun official sea trials. The Anadolu is a STOVL aircraft carrier, with the maximum displacement of 27,079 tons. This warship is capable of carrying 50 Bayraktar TB3 attack drones. … Read more

Turkey wants to build 70,000-ton aircraft carrier with 5th Gen. fighter aircraft

Turkish President with ulterior motives and ambitions publicly announced that it would build a real aircraft carrier and possibly a submarine. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Turkey hopes to strengthen defense cooperation with NATO ally Spain by building a second aircraft carrier and a possible submarine. The Turkish President stated that … Read more