Ukraine Army ran out of Tochka-U ballistic missiles

The Tochka-U “short range” ballistic missile systems are the most powerful long-range weapon in Ukraine’s arsenal. However, after 5 months of hostilities, Kyiv has now exhausted its arsenal of these missiles. In an interview with the Washington Post on July 24, the director of the intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill … Read more

Russian 5,000-ton battleship sunk, Why Russia failed to intercept an outdated ballistic missile

Ukraine’s navy said Thursday it destroyed a large Russian landing ship in the southern port of Berdyansk, which has been occupied by Russia for weeks. Russia has been using the port, on the Sea of Azoz about 50 miles east of besieged Mariupol, to deliver military and other supplies to its invasion force. On March 23, it … Read more