Turkish armored vehicle manufacturer Otokar unveils ARMA II 8×8 armored vehicle.

Otokar’s ARMA armored vehicle series was launched in 2010. In addition to the 6×6 ARMA and 8×8 ARMA, today, the 8×8 ARMA II tactical wheeled armored vehicle is launched.  On Jan. 31, the company provided information and images of the Arma II, the first 8×8 military vehicle powered by an engine developed by Turkey itself, … Read more

When earthquakes hit Turkey, the United States dispatches aircraft carriers to assist in relief efforts.

The US deployed the George HW Bush aircraft carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean to assist Turkey in responding to the earthquake disaster. “The George HW Bush Carrier Strike Group has arrived in the eastern Mediterranean and is ready to provide logistical, medical, and airlift support” to Turkey, the US European Command (USEUCOM) said … Read more

The Turkish Altay tank will finally reach the army this year: a clear example of how long it takes to create your own tank

The Turkish project to create its own tank was planned back in the 90s as a national program with an understanding of all the complexities and costs, as well as the fact that it would become a catalyst for the efforts of the entire defense industry. The first public concept of the car was published … Read more

Turkey is able to control all strikes of Bayraktar TB2 drones .

Drone developer Bayraktar TB2 has announced covert strike controls for the drones it sells. There is a special vulnerability in the Bayraktar TB2 drones that allows you to control the operation of all Bayraktar TB2 drones through remote access and, in fact, even strike with these drones if necessary.  Drone control systems are apparently connected … Read more

Turkey denies troop withdrawal from Syria

Turkey has stated that it does not intend to negotiate with the “Syrian regime” on withdrawing its troops from the country. Contrary to the information voiced by the Syrian side that during the negotiations in Moscow, agreements were reached on the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the territory of Syria, Ankara denied this information, … Read more

The Turkish combat drone “Kızılelma” prototype made its first flight.

In July 2021, the Turkish group, Baykar Defence, known for having developed the Bayraktar TB2 tactical drone, lifted the veil on the MIUS program, which was then to lead to a combat drone [UCAV] that could be implemented from the deck of the amphibious assault ship TCG Anadolu. The CEO of Baykar Defense, Haluk Bayraktar, … Read more

Erdogan tricked Putin? Turkey worked overtime to build warships for Ukraine and install French missiles

The future flagship of the Ukrainian Navy’s fleet, the Hetman Ivan Mazepa corvette, is nearly finished at the Istanbul Naval Shipyard. Once the vessel is constructed, the military and electronic systems will be installed. Recently, Turkey has been on the left and right: Turkish president Erdogan and Putin are talking about cooperation to introduce Russian … Read more

World Community Is Alarmed By The Sale Of Fighter Aircrafts To Pakistan And Turkey

According to the Defence Aviation Post, The Biden administration’s approval of a USD 450 million military sale package for the upkeep of the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) ageing F-16 fleet has sparked questions about why the United States is selling weapons to nations that oppose American interests, support terrorism, or whose leaders harbour aspirations to … Read more

There is a huge possibility Turkey and Greece could go to war

Turkish aggression affects a large number of nations. One-third of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. It has attacked Armenians with F-16s and Special Forces. According to Iraqi officials, Turkey has already built 68 outposts on its soil, ranging in size from modest platoon-level outposts to substantial bases. Every night, the Turkish Air Force bombs Iraq. … Read more

Most successful UAV in the world, Turkish TB2 destroyed more than 800 targets in Russia-Ukraine war

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones have destroyed more than 800 Russian targets in ongoing war between Russian and Ukraine including  two Ilyushin IL-76 strategic airlifter and more than 120 tanks Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial reconnaissance and strike vehicles turned out to be quite an effective weapon in the fight against various kinds of targets. As it turned … Read more