United Kingdom begins construction of the third Dreadnought-class SSBN.

The Dreadnought-class ballistic missile submarine construction program continues apace. In a ceremony on Friday, a further step was taken and the steel was cut for the future HMS Warspite, the third of four new Dreadnought-class submarines currently being built at BAE Systems’ Barrow-in-Furness facility. Generating tens of thousands of jobs across the UK, including 13,500 … Read more

Britain announced the supply of tanks to Ukraine soon. What other weapons and tech has the UK provided so far?

London announced the possible delivery of its tanks to Ukraine, which could be one of the most serious escalations since the transfer of missile weapons to Ukraine. To date, the UK has almost two hundred tanks in storage, theoretically allowing Ukraine to transfer several dozen heavy combat vehicles. “The UK can provide tanks to Ukraine,” – … Read more

United Kingdom to provide additional AMRAAMs and 105mm artillery guns to Ukraine

The United Kingdom has announced a new weapon package to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the war with Russia. This new package includes hundreds of Medium-range AMRAAM surface-to-air missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, 18 units of L119 105mm towed field guns. This weapon package is a additional support package for Ukraine, as the United Kingdom … Read more

Watch the secret training of Ukrainian soldiers with L118 light gun in UK

Ukrainian artillerymen are currently undergoing active training in the UK, where they are mastering 105-mm L118 light field gun at the artillery range. The 105 mm L118 light gun will soon be part of the artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is evidenced by official information from the Pentagon, announcing the transfer of … Read more

Son of a British MP joined the war in Ukraine and destroyed Russian armored vehicles

Ben Grant, a former marine and son of British Conservative MP Helen Grant, was among a group of fighters from the United Kingdom and the United States fighting in Ukraine, taking part in attacks on Russian forces during the fierce fighting. According to the British newspaper, Ben Grant appeared in a battlefield video showing him … Read more

Why is the UK particularly concerned about Russia’s ‘Doomsday Torpedo’?

Russia’s “Doomsday torpedo” named Poseidon is a weapon that makes Britain feel especially afraid. Recently Russian state television agency has openly threatened to wipe the United Kingdom off the map with nuclear weapons. A popular Russian state TV anchor has warned that Moscow could wipe Britain off the map with a nuclear tsunami in retaliation for … Read more

Will India join UK to make Tempest 6th generation fighter aircraft

It is the sixth generation Tempest Future Combat Air System program. And the British side has been making efforts to bring onboard this programme which was launched in 2018. To further strengthen defence and security ties with India, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his recently concluded visit had offered partnering on development of … Read more

Poland has finalised to buy British Type 31 Frigates for £1.4 billion

On March 4th three frigates based on the Royal Navy’s Type 31 design have been ordered by the Polish Navy for a total cost of £1.4 billion. This ship will become the future main warship of the Polish Navy. The Arrowhead 140 is actually the international version of the British Navy’s Type 31 frigate. This frigate … Read more

Japanese and British teamed up to develop “world-leading” fighter sensors

Recently, the United Kingdom announced news that the United Kingdom will deepen defense cooperation with Japan, promote the relationship between the two sides, and jointly acquire truly advanced technology to ensure that the two militaries remain at the forefront of military innovation.  According to the British Ministry of Defence, the UK and Japan will collaborate … Read more

UK F-35B VS Israel F-35i: Battle of same aircraft but different variants & performances

The same aircraft, different variants, and vastly varying performances. That is how one could best describe the F-35A and the F-35B — US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin’s highly advanced 5th generation stealth fighter jets. Despite the same basic design, additions (and subtractions) for different roles and operating environments massively affect the aerodynamic performance of the two … Read more