The Philippines expands US access to its military bases. What could be the reason behind this expansion? 

The United States and the Philippines announced an agreement on Friday to give US troops access to four other bases in the Southeast Asian country as longtime allies try to counter China’s military buildup. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin of the United States signed an agreement to increase collaboration in “strategic regions of the country” during … Read more

There are 3 weapons the united states will not give Ukraine to fight Russia.

Since 2014, the US has given Ukraine tens of billions of dollars in security aid. Washington has given Ukraine both humanitarian aid and advanced military equipment. This includes MLRS rockets, HIMARS launchers, FGM-148 man-portable Javelins, and other anti-tank missiles, Stinger missiles, M777 155mm artillery shells, non-aircraft systems Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost manned aircraft (UAS), M113 … Read more