Libyan Forces shot down American MQ-9 Reaper Drone

According to recent reports published by Military Africa, forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) earlier this week shot down a American UAV which appears to be a Reaper drone. The downing occurred on August 22 near Bengazi. The drone was brought down with a man-portable surface-to-air missile system (MANPAD). According to an official of … Read more

How strong is the Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter?

The Sukhoi Su-57 is the first fifth-generation fighter jet made by Russia, and its prototype T-50 made its maiden flight in January 2010. This type of single-seat dual-engine stealth multi-function heavy-duty fighter has the characteristics of short take-off and landing distance, super maneuverability, and supersonic cruise capability. It can effectively compete with fifth-generation stealth fighters … Read more