The United States will get the replacement missile for the ATACMS in next two years

The ATACMS or the MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM) manufactured by the U.S. defense company Lockheed Martin. It has a range of up to 190 miles (300 km), with solid propellant, and is 13 feet (4.0 m) high and 24 inches (610 mm) in diameter. The ATACMS can be fired … Read more

The US Army wants a new anti-tank missile much better then Javelin

On September 19, 2022, the US Army updated and specified its requirements for the CCMS-H program, the name of which stands for “heavy close combat missile system.” In fact, it is about the fact that the American military wants to get a latest-generation anti-tank missile, which in terms of its parameters would surpass all currently … Read more

America’s new M1A2D super tank will make the russian T-14 Armata ‘sweat’

The American tank M1A2D is expected to become the most feared tank in the world, its features are advertised to surpass all rivals, including the Russian T-14 Armata. The M1A2D battle tank also known as the M1A2 SEPv4 is the latest upgraded varient of the battle proven and famous US-made M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. … Read more

XM5 & XM250: Revealing 2 powerful new-generation rifle for US Army

For the first time in 6 decades, the US Army officially equips the infantry with two new-generation rifles. On Tuesday, the U.S. Army officially selected a new rifle and infantry rifle for frontline troops. After 27 months of evaluating new gun models, the US Army on Thursday officially announced the selection of two rifles of German weapons manufacturer … Read more