Is the V-22 Osprey aircraft a big mistake of the US Military?

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is one of the most advanced multi-mission aircraft of the United States Military. Among all the advanced aircraft of the US military, the V-22 Osprey is perhaps the most impressive with its “unique” flip-propeller style. Despite bringing many advantages, but in general, this is a wrong weapon, with high cost … Read more

Meet these lesser-known but deadly american weapon systems that pose a huge threat to america’s enemies

There is no doubt in this statement that American-made weapon systems are the best in the world. From battle tanks to fighter aircrafts, to submarines, the USA makes the best weapon systems in the entire world. U. S. designed weapons are always of the state-of-the-art category. Also we have seen the domestic and international media … Read more

Where did the Russian Navy Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo equipped submarine Belgorod disappeared?

The Russian Navy’s submarine Belgorod has recently “disappeared” from Western tracking systems. The worrying thing is that Belgorod carries a massive nuclear weapon, a weapon capable of destroying an entire continent. It is common for submarines of countries to go to sea, but this time it was “massively reported by the Western press”. Because of … Read more